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11 Reprise (Steadfast)

by Bianca Barnard | Steadfast

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LOVE& Unity

Psalm 115:1 Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake. First and foremost, I feel it imperative to say that we cannot do life without God, and without His love every effort becomes meaningless and...



There is something so profoundly beautiful that happens to us when we start believing in Jesus, when we proclaim His name as sovereign. Even more when we start accessing the power that comes from believing in Him. Almost too beautiful to comprehend, He comes and transforms us completely. A shift takes place; we are transformed from ordinary to extra ordinary, translated from despair to eternal hope, displaced from darkness into a kingdom of Trusting in His name, making you a son of God.



The glory of God is in His goodness to us. Moses SAW the goodness of God when He was yearning for Glory. We bring the Kingdom of God into people’s lives by living out the goodness of God’s love. Love on people and you show them God’s glory. The glory of God isn’t always the burning bush and audible voice; it’s Him being good to us and us being good to others.



We have been made free; we should start living like it. Once we fully embrace the liberty that comes from being perfectly loved, it becomes easy and natural to give and love. When people’s opinions of us, and our subsequent influence over them ceases to be a priority, when we become free of the need to perform, we become bold as lions.

LOVE& Striving

LOVE& Striving

There will be relationships that don’t work out, people who don’t like us and don’t approve of our methods and doctrine. Does this mean we are doing “faith” wrong? NO! Your doing everything right will by no means change who someone else is. You can inspire, and the Holy Spirit can use your life as an example and then convict people of their sins, but you are not responsible for their righteousness. How well you perform can never be about someone else. We cannot do well so others will glorify us.