Coaching & Counseling

Wholeness in Spirit, Soul & Body

Henk & Sandra provide personal, relational, pre-marital and marriage counseling.

To book a session, please contact Henk and/or Sandra, briefly describing your need or concern and they will gladly set up an apointment with you:




When we read Isaiah 61, we see that Jesus was sent to set the captives free and to bind up the broken hearted. In 1 John 4, we read that as He is, so are we in this world. Therefore, it is Henk & Sandra’s passion to see the children of God in healthy relationships, healthy emotional states and growing in the wholeness that Christ paid the price for.

You can read more below, as well as, download this information booklet: DL Info Doc – B-4

Sandra is a qualified Life Coach and founded Decided Life Coaching. You can read more here. Depending on the individual situation, Henk & Sandra combine the tools and skills of years of pastoral counseling and life coaching in assisting the body of Christ to grow in wholeness, healing and maturity.

A brief description of the difference between coaching and counseling:

Counseling is mostly focused on identifying and healing areas of hurt and/or emotional trauma that affect an indivual in their daily lives and relationships.

Coaching is focused on growing our skillsets, emotional and relational skills, personal potential, belief systems, and breaking thought patterns and cycles that have kept us going around the mountain.

A popular question that pops up when we speak about counseling is: What will this cost me?

  1. This will cost you being honest with yourself. It requires you to face what the real root of a situation is, so that there can be healing and wholeness.
  2. It will ask of you to allow Holy Spirit into all the areas of your life that you keep hidden – giving Him access to your heart. Being vulnerable and trusting Him.
  3. It will require of you the courage to face these things and a willingness to remove the lies of the enemy and have the Truth of Jesus Christ come in to restore you.
  4. When it comes to Henk & Sandra giving their time, experience and tools to assist you, they will never demand monetary compensation. It is their heart to see the Body of Christ opperate in wholeness and they are dedicated to help those in need.

But, we at Love Decdided, feel that a gift of R 480/1.5 hour session, would let them know that you value your own health and their time and effort.