Okay, so I have the privilege to share with you my side of the story and about how God revealed to me what the term Christ (In Me) really means. Why? Because I am some super preacher or writer? Not at all. It’s simple, really. BECAUSE OF CHRIST IN ME I AM WORTHY to spread this revelation with whoever is reading this now. So let’s begin.

I cannot talk about this without going back to the beginning in order to explain it to you. Obviously we can’t go back more (BEGINNING ) than when God created man. In Genesis 1:1 God said “In the BEGINNING (there is that word again, beginning) God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void: and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters! Let’s pause it there. The Spirit of God was already hovering over creation in the beginning. Everything was created inside God and His presence, the very nature of existing and being tangible and real is because we were created inside His presence and being. So let’s fast forward to where God created man, to verse 26 of the same chapter, “Then God said let us make man in Our own image.” God created man in His image! We were designed to be in perfect harmony with God, to be ONE with Him. The very motivation for God to have created you and me was so that He would have US IN HIM to pour out all that ENDLESS LOVE of His nature. So then Man decided to eat from that tree and humankind was taken away from perfect harmony with God. I like to not look at Adam and Eve with anger like most would, instead I want to thank them because if they didn’t do what they did we Would never have received the greatest gift God has ever given mankind, and His name is JESUS!

Lets forward to the cross where Jesus died so that man could be set free from sin and most importantly, so that GOD COULD BE IN PERFECT HARMONY WITH MANKIND AGAIN. God’s LOVE FOR US was too great for Him to let us DIE (to be away from God is to die). So He sent JESUS so that His spirit would dwell inside us. To be in harmony and face to face with God literally means for Gods spirit to live inside of us. The motivation is the same as the day He created you – HE LOVES YOU. That day at the cross the BIGGEST event in History happened to mankind: God decided, through His Son, Jesus, He will come and dwell inside of us. Not because of how super we are, but because how WORTHY HE IS that He came to dwell inside of us through the gateway that was The BLOOD OF JESUS.

Because of what happened THAT DAY, we have the spirit of God inside of us and we can reign and have VICTORY over all that the enemy wants to do. The moment we can realize this TRUTH, that is the BLOOD and LOVE of JESUS, we can have GRACE and VICTORY over our world. That moment earthly struggles and problems no longer have influence over your life. I don’t know why I am typing what I am at this moment (it is not what I planned to say), but it looks to me like God wants to do something in your life as you are reading this. When you realize that the FULLNESS of God lives inside of YOU, the same FULLNESS that was present when God created EVERYTHING, the same FULLNESS that raised JESUS from the Grave, the moment you realize this TRUTH it becomes the BEGINNING(that word again) of your REIGN, IDENTITY and REASON TO BE ALIVE. That moment is also the BEGINNING(that word) of the HEALING of your deepest and most painful struggles.

As I am typing this I declare that it will be a BEGINNING of breakthrough in your life and that you will start to see the FAVOR of God on your life! To me it is always a BEGINNING of new things because with God there is NO END TO HIS GOODNESS. This BEGINNING will reveal YOUR DESTINY in GOD. BLESSINGS TO YOU MY FRIENDS!!!!

Johan Barnard