There is a standard value for your life that was set by God the day Jesus died. Your life has the value of His son. Jesus paid the full price, redeeming you completely and irrevocably. The biggest and saddest event is when we fail to recognize and acknowledge who that makes us, and the empowerment that should follow this realization of our true value and worth. The result of living in your full potential and identity is a true humility untainted by the ideology of self promotion. The knowledge that you are loved and empowered is not a selfish or arrogant mindset, it is one that empowers you to love yourself and in return love others, wholly and passionately. If your righteousness does not yield the fruit of love, then it is self-righteousness. May I add that love would make you patient and kind, not demanding and controlling. Love that accompanies the righteous does not force its doctrine and ideas on others, doesn’t boast in knowledge and doesn’t demand agreement to facilitate relationship.

Over the last few weeks my husband and I have been engaged in conversations focused on “Loving Yourself.” We feel it is so imperative to any progress in community and ministry that we love ourselves. We can do this by recognizing and acknowledging who we are in Christ. I want to say something very controversial here, who you are in Christ is different to who I am in Christ. We were never meant to look the same or think the same. We all have different callings and visions, and we need to individually be unique in order to fulfill that which we envision and are led to. The reality of the indwelling Christ is empowerment to realize your full potential as a Son of God. This means that when I am who He made me to be I am portraying Christ in me. Our areas of influence aren’t the same. I’ve heard of the “cookie cutter” gospel which presumes we should all look alike, implying that when we reach maturity and look like Christ, we will all look the same having reached perfection as Sons of God. This is derived from Ephesians 4. This passage refers to the body of Christ that is to come to unity in faith, a place where we speak the truth freely and edify one another, a place where we no longer live in anger and corruption that comes with an indulgent lifestyle, creating distinctions for the sake of a religious hierarchy. It states that we are all to grow up in Christ, so that each of us can do our God ordained work so the body can be efficient and operate in Love, in different areas and degrees.

Adam was unfulfilled without eve, God recognized that he had an emotional and physical need and provided for Him in that. If god thought emotional need was an evil thing to be overcome then why provide for Adam? God knows about our needs and is not scared off by our emotional wants and desires. He wants us to be fulfilled. Christ in you doesn’t mean you change into the person Jesus was on the earth and we all end up looking like him with no differentiation in person, ministry or the expression of our wants and needs. Christ in you is not an excuse to devalue and invalidate someone else’s journey. Christ in you doesn’t make you superior, on the contrary, it lends you the opportunity to positively impart to and impact other believers.

Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

There is a misconception in the church that because you are righteous nothing can affect you, that because you are saved and a son of God you no longer feel things or remember the past. Proverbs paints the picture that it is in righteousness that you know to run to the Lord, and that salvation is found in calling on His name. Proverbs makes it clear that the righteous felt the need to run to God to be saved from something. With righteousness comes the capacity to now you have to and are allowed to run to Him, knowing in His name is strength and salvation.