Dear Reader,

I am s0 excited to announce the start-up of our weekly blog called: LOVE &!

It is our hope and vision that this will serve as a valuable source of HOPE, encouragement, strength and growth with practical what-does-that-look-like wisdom to all of you offering up the time to read it every now and again. Being the official blog of Manifesting Christ Ministries (soon to become Love Decided), the Love of our Father is at the very heart of what we do; it is the BIG WHY we do what we do. His Love compels us to give what we have received, to bring freedom where bondage is suppressing, and to LIVE completely in this glorious life that we have been given. Without Him – without His unfailing Love and every word from His mouth – confusion, strife, hopelessness and suffering find a foot-hold, BUT  where darkness abounds, LIGHT abounds even more. Where fear abounds, LOVE abounds more still.

It is our firm belief that being doers of the Word, and not merely hearers, accomplishes things in a Kingdom-focused way – powerfully, effectively and love-inspired! Every word you read has the power to completely change your life and to influence how you make decisions – you decide how quickly that happens.

James 1:22 –  But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. NLT

Proverbs 27:19 – As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart. NIV

Wow! ‘So one’s life reflects the heart…’

If Love is at the very heart of who we are and what we do, what would our lives look like? What would our lives reflect?


We have seen a lot of focus placed back on Love in the recent years – (finally!). There has been such wonderful resources available to us like: Joyce Meyer’s book “Love Revolution“, Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love“, the absolutely astonishing film by Darren Wilson, “Furious Love” – which I strongly encourage you to watch; the amazing resources from Danny Silk called KYLO (Keep Your Love On), and many more! Even with all of these amazing resources it still seems as though some find it tricky when it comes to the application of love in their daily lives.

  • How do I love in my workplace?
  • Is love truly the source?
  • Why does it seem as if nothing has changed yet?
  • I don’t have the luxury of focusing on love in my life, I have ‘real’ things to worry about.
  • Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of separation between what I believe and where I work?
  • How do I love my in-laws, especially when I do not agree with them?
  • How do I love the beggar on the street, whilst still teaching him to fish rather than to give him one?
  • How do I know that I am loved?
  • Doesn’t loving people entail becoming some sort of door-mat?
  • Who am I to think that I can love like God does?

These are but some of the questions and statements I have come across regarding people’s perceptions of love.

LOVE & … will aim to show the interconnection between Love and everyday life. For example, for the month of April, my co-writer and I will focus on the following topics respectively:

  • LOVE & Relational Connection
  • LOVE & the Goodness of God

In sharing about these topics, and those to come, we hope to shine some light on and scratch the surface of the beginning and end of all things – Love! Our Father is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, and in 1 John 4 it is written that God is Love. He is love, He does not have it. When you have something you can lose it. If you are something you cannot lose it. God. Is. Love.

Love – the beginning and the end of all things!

Perhaps filling the gap between what we understand about Love and the fruits of its application lies not in our perception of Love as a principle, but rather in our hearts’ experience and outpouring thereof!


WE – The Writers:

Just a little bit about ourselves…

Bianca Barnard:

5You can call me ‘Bee’. I absolutely love the presence of God in my life and I expectantly wait for Him to surprise me yet again! This adventure with my King is more than I could have hoped for! 🙂

Writing was never something that I thought I’d do for anyone else to lay their eyes on, but it has grown – and is still growing – to become a platform where my heart is shared along with, what I hope to be, valuable insight and wisdom to all who read it. I remember how words written by writers, filled with the Spirit, have impacted my life; I was never the same, and it is my hope to freely give back what I have been given.


Franciska Merrick:

franciskaThis wonderful wife and mother is such a good friend to me! Anointed and spirit-filled; she has an amazing voice – not just in the worship sessions, but as a teacher and writer! I am excited and eager to drink in the wealth of revelation our Father has poured inside of her!

Ever seeking His face and listening intently to His voice, she grew wise beyond her years; and LIFE pours out of her when she opens her mouth to speak! May her written words inspire and ignite you to allow God to search the deep things of your heart! 🙂

 I hope you enjoy the journey with us at LOVE &! Don’t hesitate to drop us a comment every now and again to let us know how things are going!

All my love,